Desert Towers Book

The towers: crazy, skinny, temporary rock formations of the Colorado Plateau that stand upright, defiant, seemingly unclimbable but so alluring!

The book: Desert Towers is about these towers. And the climbers who have embraced the myriad of challenges posed by bad rock, verticality, remoteness, fear, rattlesnakes and lightning.

The Southwest desert is most colorful landscape on Earth. Desert Towers features photographs and tales from Ed Webster, Layton Kor, Harvey Carter, Huntley Ingalls, Bill Hatcher, Andrew Burr, Tom Till, David Brower, John Sherman, many, many more. Click on the “Chapter Summary” links for glimpses of the contents.

Perhaps what this comes down to is: Want to know what it’s like to teeter on a never-before-touched summit, far above everything and everyone?

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